Saturday, February 18, 2012

ten-four, good buddy!

One of the first questions we were asked following the Man's proposal-- have you set a date?

My reply:  "Yes, of course! October 4th.." (to which people nod excitedly and then..)

".. we just don't know what year."

Most people seem a little surprised by that, but even more surprised when we say we will most likely wed in 2-3 years.  We have a couple of reasons for that:
  • We'll be paying for our own wedding... so yeah, we'll need some time to save up our extra pennies. 
  • Yes, I know we could go to the courthouse and it would be just as lovely. I'm not completely excluding that option if we decide later that a "big to-do" is not to be done.
  • I love planning.. I'm a planner.  The Man wants me to enjoy my planning and day-dreaming and Pinterest-ing time.
  • It takes a LOT of work to pull together a small wedding on an even smaller budget-- and we both work full-time, have a household to manage, two cats to wrangle, friends and family to spend time with, and I don't want our lives to become a 24/7 wedding machine.
  • I really want to enjoy being engaged.  I mean, this is a HUGE step in life and I want to soak up every minute of being a fi-an-cee.  As excited as I am to be the Man's Mrs... I don't want to miss out on any of the fun and anticipation leading up to the "big day" or the rest of our lives.
  • We're already together, we have been for a while now.  Yes, marriage will solidify our commitment legally and to everyone around us-- but why should we rush? As my father lovingly reminds us, in the state of Alabama -- we're already common law.
So that's why we're waiting for a few years-- and I think we'll need those years to save (and I'll need that time to plan!)  We have some ideas for what we want, but so much of it is up in the air-- since we're so far out from 2013-- but I will be taking you along the way as I brainstorm and all..

Oh, and why October 4th?

Our first date was on October 4th, 2008 and the Man went to great effort to propose on our anniversary.  Plus, when we marry on October 4th-- it's an easy date to remember -- ten-four!

How did you decide your wedding date?