Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Married and finally posting!

From the depths of a mushy, lovey-dovey pit of wedded bliss (we've been married over a year now!!) I thought I'd finally share some pictures from our wedding of the details I slaved over, and adored, as well as some pretty fun pictures of the ceremony, reception and fire to follow.

Yes, FIRE.  We almost burnt down a historical building making tater tots.. well, our caterer almost did.  No one was hurt, and the tots were fantastic.  Plus, we got some awesome photo ops with the Auburn Fire Department.

All about the FOOD!  Top Left, going counterclockwise -  Our wedding cake with South Park inspired toppers.  The cake was a vanilla pound cake with cream cheese frosting (so goood!!).  - Sliders, tater tots, bamboo silverware, and cuppies. - Our cupcake bar -  we had over 400 cupcakes and plenty of leftovers! -  Our chalkboard menu - made and handlettered with love (and a little frustration.)

From L to R -  Our memory board. Who doesn't love baby pictures of the Bride and Groom? -  Sign a Square was one of our guestbooks.  We had quilt squares for friends and family to sign that will be made into a family heirloom quilt, hopefully. -  The Birthday guestbook  where people could sign their name next to their birthday on my calendar.  I keep promising to get better about sending Birthday cards.

On the Left -  Adam and I are committed to the right of marriage for all and we incorporated white knots into our wedding to show our support. Top Right - Bamboo forks and knives wrapped with twine and a tag embossed with our South Park couple.  Someone had too much time on her hands. - Our cake topper inspired by a South Park themed card I made for our first Valentine's day together.  Lower Right -  The sign greeting our guests at the venue. An IKEA chalkboard and some vinyl letters shows an informal welcome to family and friends. 

The Happy (NERDY) Couple.  What a handsome hubby I have. <3
I have a TON of pictures, but these are a start.  
Besides, no one likes to be slammed with 50 thousand pictures of the same two nerds in love.

Details you probably don't care about, but I'm posting anyway:
Location -  Kiesel Park, Auburn AL
Dress -  David's Bridal
Suit -  Men's Wearhouse
Flowers -  Flowersmith's of Auburn
Coordination -  Three Goats Tall (funny, I know!)
Cake and Cupcakes -  Homemade Celebrations (Love these girls!)
Caterer -  They carry bigger fire extinguishers now
Photography - Joanie Clay of LaGrange and  Birds on A Wire Photography (unofficially, but some of my faves are hers)
Special Appearance by -  Auburn Fire Department