Monday, November 7, 2011

thrifty thinking

I love books.

I knew one of the first things I would buy once we were engaged (although I doubted print books would still be around by then) were wedding planning books.  I always had to resist the oodles of wedding planning manuals in the bookstore.. they just seemed so pretty, and helpful, and organized...
Every thing about them just called to me...they were spiral bound, with tabs.. and little ribbon bookmarks.  Chapters on ettiquette and dress selection and the proper punch for a bridal shower. Plastic pockets for loose files, expandable folders attached, cute fonts and fun layouts..

But I always resisted.  I promised myself I wouldn't indulge... until the time came.

Well, lovebirds-- the time has come!  I can now buy wedding planning books with unbrideled abandon!

....and then, I realized just how EXPENSIVE those lovely books are...


The Man told me to pick some up anyway-- he knew, he saw the longing.. how I salivated over the pale blue, mint green and macaroon pink of the covers..  but I couldn't.  I wouldn't dare.

$40 for a softcover spiral bound that might not even be The Manual? $35 and it doesn't even have laminated tabs?  I think not.

My solution was simple.  Do what I always do when it comes to buying books-- hit the thrift stores.  Two stops and $5 later on a sunny afternoon after work, and I had three glorious books to flip through:

The Knot complete guide to weddings in the real world: the ultimate source of ideas, advice, and relief for the bride and groom and those who love them [Book]Bridal Bargains Wedding Planner: The Dollars & Sense Guide to Planning Your Wedding [Book]The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book: Insights and Advice on Handling Even the Stickiest Wedding Issues [Book]
the knot: Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World ($2; retail price $19.95)
the Bridal Bargains Wedding Planner ($2, retail price $24.95)
the Everything Wedding Etiquette Book ($1, retail price $9.95)

Of course, I still plan to pick up a few more when I'm out thrifting.. and possibly even score some used from Hastings with a gift card (from reselling books I've already read).  I've also tapped into the public library's resources and have a few books checked out with post-it tabs waiting for some free time and a secret rendezvous with the copier at the office..

Now to find a thrifty way to score some bridal magazines.. those cost about as much as the books do!

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