Saturday, March 31, 2012

groom, check! date, check! venue...

not yet!  Although I am 98% sure where the Man and I plan to wed.... we can't confirm anything until October 2012.

Yup, I've found our dream venue.. about 2 weeks after the Man popped the question.. but I can't book it until one year in advance.  This is driving me nuts!  I try not to stress about it, since I doubt there will be many people flocking to reserve "our pick" on a Friday evening in 2013... but I am a planner.  And I have to wait.  And I know a year in advance is PLENTY of time.. but I want to lock it in now!

[that exclamation point makes that sentence seem a bit bratty, but it's meant to imply impatience.. not bridezilla-ness]

Instead of fretting over the 2% uncertainty that I have over our dream location, I think I'll share a sneak peak into it instead.

Our dream venue --  Kiesel Park in Auburn
Pavillion at Kiesel Park - from 100layercake

The Nunn-Winston House at Kiesel Park  from 100layercake
Although we plan to have the ceremony outside in the pavilion, one of the big selling points for us about Kiesel was the fact there were two buildings available to rent along with the pavilion.  Currently, I'm planning on the Nunn-Winston being our landing zone for the day.  It's broken into different rooms all with a wonderful antique and classic look which will be perfect for getting ready pictures, and hopefully a little escape for the Man and me following the ceremony.
One of the rooms of the Nunn-Winston
(from our tour late one day, pardon the poor picture quality)
The reception area is a pretty simple hall, but it has these grand shutters and plenty of windows that look over the park.  All areas of the park are easily accessible and I hope that will be a plus for all of our guests.  
An outside view of the hall, next to the Nunn-Winston House
stairs and a ramp lead to the double doors which open into the hall
(again, pardon the poor picture quality)
Another thing we loved about the park were all the different areas surrounding the pavilion and houses that will be perfect for people to get away from the hustle and bustle if they want. (The Man's dad is notorious for wandering off, and I know he'll love having room to meander away.)
One of the gardens at the park -  has a few arbors and a newly built gazebo
Many people have warned about planning an outside wedding during *any* season here in the south, but at least with Kiesel we have options in case of bad weather.  Thankfully the pavilion has ceiling fans to help air circulate and is much sturdier than a tent so we should be covered in case of mild weather.  If not, we'll relocate the ceremony into the Nunn-Winston and keep the reception in the hall as planned.

Now to figure out how to decorate this blank slate and make it a bit more nerd-tastic.
One wall of the hall... just needs a little love


  1. Hey, my daughter is planning to wed at Kiesel Park in Oct 2013 also. What is your wedding date?

  2. Hi Emily! We're getting married on October 4th which is the 5th Annniversary of our first date, and two years after The Man proposed. We're sappy like that. :) When is your daughter planning on getting married?

    1. I forgot that I even checked out your blog. I'm so sorry! Emma is getting married Oct 12, 2013. I reserved Kiesel a full year in advance. Their date will be almost 5 years since they started dating and 2 years after he proposed to her. Sounds like you have a lot in common.

      Do you know the dimensions of the service center? I stumbled upon your blog again looking for pics, trying to do the table mapping. I can't remember where the doors dissect the building.

      Have you got all your plans done? Emmalee was very busy the first 2 months after she got engaged and now she's telling me not to nag her, she's got plenty of time...... :-)

  3. Hello Eva!

    I just (as in today) moved to Auburn from Denver, and am planning my own wedding. I came across your blog looking for pictures of the Nunn-Winston house. Hope your wedding was fabulous! Any suggestions/tips/advice you can give about planning a wedding here in Auburn? Any vendors you recommend (or don't!)?