Friday, September 14, 2012

a list worth a second look

I've always been a list-maker.  I make lists for just about anything, I've even made lists of lists.  I'm sure I will have hundreds of lists to check off, follow, and make throughout planning our "I do's" but a few weekends ago I focused on one list...

Craig's List.  

Now, I am a big fan of CL.  We nerds have had much success with the online ad list-maker that is Craig.  I have the notification app on my phone and added in the search term wedding a while back.  I haven't had much luck with that search term until recently.  

I saw a posting listing a number of wedding items, and in it they had a few glass jars and scoops from a candy buffet. I picked up the jars and scoops (which I, like an idiot washed in the dishwasher and henceforth ruined) for $20...I have a small obsession with glass jars (and we are leaning very heavily towards a buffet of goodies to have at our reception) and I couldn't resist.  A few emails and an impromptu trip to Columbus later and these lovelies are mine:

(I also managed to squeeze in a trip to Mecca.. I mean... Michael's to take part in a potentially budget busting sale.. to my chagrin, the store closed about 20 minutes after my arrival.  At least it kept me somewhat on budget!)

Also, via CL I saw an ad for the NIE (Newspapers in Education) yard sale going on one weekend.  I decided to check it out -- there were about 30 different vendors (families? groups? tables?) to peruse and I lucked out!

One generous seller agreed on a $.50 price tag for our potential card box - and future DIY project, while another accepted my offer of $1.00 for two key-limey green curtain panels.  The panels may survive intact, or may be subject to an onslaught of pinking shears.. only time will tell...
My final triumph was probably one of the better finds in my years of yard-sale-ing.  A booth had a TON of scrapbooking supplies.  The seller had planned on making a wedding scrapbook for her sister-in-law, but scrapped the project (lame pun intended).  Lucky for me, she was kind enough to sell me the lot.  I did a quick guesstimate based on the price tags still on the supplies and I managed to get about $60 worth of scrapbooking goodies for a mere $5.

Side note: during the process of taking these photos, the ever-enthusiastic Inari had to jump in the middle of my shot about twenty times, this image is the product of my eventual surrender to her persistence.  We'll pretend the purpose of this shot is to provide a cat-based scale for the sheer quantities of scrappy goodness...
Thank you, Inari.. lovely job!  Now please get off the damn table!
... and moving on...

Granted, I may not have the time or energy to scrapbook anytime soon... but I'll hang onto these for now.. and maybe share a few with a scrappy future sister-in-law who is about as crazy as I am when it comes to crafty goodness.

What have you found recently?  Any awesome CL finds?  What's the best yard sale you've stumbled upon?

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  1. great idea that I had forgotten about. I am going to start watching craigs list too!