Sunday, April 22, 2012

today's obsession: dahlias

Through the past few months of wedding planning, or at least being on the hunt for wedding inspiration, I've found that I tend to develop mild (or moderate, and at times severe) obsessions with certain ideas.

I'll latch onto a concept for decor, or favors, or food. I'll become consumed with an awesome new DIY or centerpiece idea, or the next big project to occupy my time during our long engagement.  Some ideas have stuck and others will fade over time, I'm sure.

I thought sharing my current obsession on the blog could be a fun series.. and a nice test to see which obsessions have staying power.  Now, onto my current obsession:

Amazing, right? 
I love how they can be so architectural, textured, and quirky... but in the same breath so soft and feminine!
So ethereal.. and still fun!
It all started with this picture, taken during the early days of the my and the Man's courtship while I was in Oh, Canada!  I spotted these one rainy Saturday morning at the local farmer's market.  

I didn't realize it then, but I was in love.  In love with the Man...
 and with these lovely, fluffy, full, vibrant blooms. 

When it comes to wedding flowers, I didn't have any strong feelings immediately.. other than dahlias.  I had to have them.  It was more than a want, it was an emotional need.  I remember jokingly thinking to myself the first time I saw these flowers how awesome they would be for a wedding (apparently my sub-conscious was already planning our nerdy nuptials 5 years in advance!)

After a Pinteresting search, I found quite a few inspiring shots.
(to see image source, please visit my wedding pinterest board)

With budget being a big concern, and these lovely ladies running about $5-7 a stem-- I may have to keep my obsession somewhat at bay.  
Love the coral and peach tones of this one! So feminine!
However, I still plan on a bit of a splurge to have just a few in my bouquet.. hopefully. 
My favorite so far... love the combo of colors and textures!
What are you obsessing over today?  Any other flower-lusters out there?

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  1. I am loving your planning down to the detail, and the way you are making this wedding thing bend to your every whim. Have a photographer yet? (hint-hint)